Here’s 7 More Reasons Why You Need Silicone Lubricant Spray

Here’s 7 More Reasons Why You Need Silicone Lubricant Spray

If you’re an automotive technician or car enthusiast, then you already know how silicone lubricant spray can help keep your vehicle running smoothly in a great number of ways — from gas-cap door maintenance to alleviating rust buildup on hinges and latches.

Berryman® Professional Silicone Spray with fast-drying formulaBut did you know that our Berryman® Professional Silicone Spray might also be used for a variety of household tasks, as well?

Explore some of the most common non-car uses for our Part #1716 aerosol spray: 

  1. Cleaning
  2. Weather-Proofing
  3. Winter-Proofing
  4. The Removal of Stickers / Sticky Things
  5. Quieting Down the House
  6. Plumbing Everything
  7. Preventing Wear & Tear


Dirty surfaces be clean! Just spray the silicone lubricant onto your grimy exterior and wipe off with a cloth or paper towel. Excellent for getting rid of stuck-on food that might be in hard to reach places, or sprucing up oven and grill grates.

With the same spray and wipe process, try removing scuffs on tile or linoleum flooring. If you wait a minute after you spray, the mark should rub right off!

Applying to surfaces where filth has been gathering also includes heavily used areas, such as buttons, knobs, panels… you name it! Who doesn’t love to watch as stubborn dirt or stains disappear before your eyes?

Spraying Professional Silicone Spray on blood or tomato stains while it is still damp also helps with clean-up. Just throw the item in the washing machine soon afterward!

→ BONUS: We’ve also been told that adding silicon lubricant spray to your vacuum cleaner bag before running over your carpeting will help loosen dirt particles and make vacuuming easier.


Because silicone is water resistant, our lubricant spray can also protect certain items from moisture and rust.

  • When it comes to painted hinges, you’ll want to prevent the paint from chipping off and rusting. Our silicone spray will not only help protect the outer paint, but may also move down into the hinge itself, to maintain a smooth operation.
  • For home & garden metals, this is so useful as a rust retardant!
  • Silicone is especially handy for wooden tools — just apply to prevent the wood from drying out and splintering.

Corrosion protection includes most surfaces, including metal, wood, rubber, and plastic!


You don’t need to be fighting both the cold AND a frozen door, this winter. Prevent ice from bonding the rubber and metal around your metal doors! Simply spray silicone on those weather strippings.

And shoveling heavy snowfall is a hard enough job as it is… We recommend keeping the snow from sticking to your shovel with your new assistant, Berryman® Professional Silicone Spray.

Sticker Removal

  • Remove labels from jars, bottles, cans, etc., without damaging any surface underneath them.
  • Rid of pesky stickers by spraying them down with this product! After waiting about 30 seconds, peel away the sticker easily. It shouldn’t leave any sticky residue behind, either!

And remember, our Berryman® Professional Silicone Spray’s fast-drying formula leaves a clear, odorless, nontoxic film of silicone for long-lasting lubrication.

Remove Annoying Noises

Silicone lubricant spray can be a great alternative for WD-40. Think of applications like hinges, locks, and door handles.

It also lubricates wheels on furniture pieces, so they move more easily and quietly.

DIY: Plumbing Everything

This handy product is so common in the plumbing world that it is often just called Plumber’s Grease.

Whether it be faucet fittings, threads, belts, tools… The project list goes on and on!


Extend the life of zippers on clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags, etc. by keeping them moving smoothly. Using a silicone spray prevents friction, which also means keeping your blades sharper for longer.

And how about lubricating your pressure washer hose and wand o-rings to make the o-ring last longer? Yep, Part #1716 acts a surface surface film, sealing the o-ring and metal surface as one. It then protects the o-ring against cracking, pinching, cutting.

Spray your sliding door tracks for smooth movement. You might also spray your garden hose retriever to keep it rolling with ease!

What Makes Silicone Lubricant Different?

Lubricants, greases and oils are terms that people tend to use interchangeably. But there are notable differences in these materials.

  • → Grease has high viscosity, with similar properties to peanut butter. The semi-solid is engineered to stay in place and provide a longer lasting barrier between metal components.
  • → Oil has lower viscosity, with a consistency comparable to vegetable oil. For intense friction and high-speed applications, an oil is typically the best choice.
  • → Silicone has a low variation in viscosity as a function of temperature, operating effectively over a temperature range of -50 to 500°F! That’s why Our Professional Silicone Spray provides excellent lubrication in any condition, helping waterproof and protect most surface types.


But all types of lubrication – including oils, greases, and sometimes water – are used to reduce wear, friction, and heat from moving parts or materials. And any substance that achieves this goal may be called a lubricant.

Berryman Products has a variety of lubricants and greases available, each designed for different types of applications.

Which is your go-to lubricant and what do you use it for most? We’d love to hear from you — reach out and follow us on Facebook today!


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