2420 HL brake parts cleaner

Instantly dissolves brake dust, brake fluid, grease, oil, and other contaminants from all metal parts of brakes, including drums, calipers, cylinders, springs and other related parts. This non-chlorinated formula dries extremely quickly, and leaves no residue. Saves time and money. Stops disc brake squeal.


  • atv utv
  • car
  • construction
  • dirtbike
  • farmequipment
  • motorhome
  • motorcycle
  • racecar
  • tractortrailer
  • truck

Net WT. 14 oz. (397 g) Aerosol with Extension Tube

Part #2420-HL


Thad D

I used Chem Dip today to clean the CARB on my Farmall 450 tractor and now it runs great. Before today the tractor would not run unless it was at full choke, I had rebuilt it but only used spray cleaner at that time. Submersion cleaned everything completely and now it runs perfectly.


Bill H. (ASE Master Tech, 35 yrs.)

For years I’ve used this excellent product in my shop. We use it on anything that needs an oil or grime cleaning. It is very fast and an inexpensive product. I highly recommend the Chem-Dip Parts Cleaner.


Matt M.

Having wasted my money on a couple different brands, of watered down part cleaners, I now stick with Berryman.


Caesar C.

I’ve used everything that’s out there and nothing cleans a carburetor faster or better than Berryman’s Carburetor and Choke Spray. My customers are fanatics when it comes to maintaining their cars. Berryman helps me work fast and keeps them coming back.

General compliance disclosure: This guide is provided to assist our customers in determining product compliance with state VOC regulations. Please note that individual states may amend their regulations at any time and that additional states may also adopt regulations in the future. Although Berryman will make a good faith effort to keep this guide updated, please be aware that this information is provided as a courtesy and without guarantee. It is ultimately the user’s responsibility to confirm the appropriateness of a finished product for a given application.

Part # Non-compliant in Alternative part Notes
Part # 2420-HL DC, IL, IN, MA, ME, NJ, PA, VA 2420 Non-compliant only in the Northern Virginia and Fredericksburg VOC Emissions Control Areas
CA, CO, CT, DE, MD, MI, NH, NY, OH, RI, UT 2420C
CA SCAQMD * 2414SC Per Rule 1171, may also use up to 160 fl. oz. per day of CARB-compliant aerosol cleaners, including 2420C, 2421C, and 2520

* SCAQMD compliance disclosure: We believe that finished products which are in compliance with the South Coast AQMD’s VOC regulations and formulating restrictions also comply in and and are suitable for use in each of California’s other 34 local air districts. This information is provided as a courtesy and without guarantee.