1612 RNDR 1

Exceptional penetrating lubricant that immediately begins loosening rusted, corroded, and seized nuts, bolts, and other parts for easy removal. Cuts through grease, oil, gum, and varnish quickly to penetrate and dissolve rust and lubricate “frozen” parts fast. Removes light corrosion to restore component functionality.



  • atv utv
  • bicycle
  • car
  • construction
  • farmequipment
  • home
  • largeboat
  • motorhome
  • motorcycle
  • pushmower
  • repairshop
  • ridingmower
  • smallboat
  • snowmobile
  • tractortrailer
  • truck

Net WT. 12 oz. (340 g) 3-Way Aerosol with Extension Tube

Part #1612

1612 EZ1

Matt W.

My name is Matt. I work at O’Reilly Auto Parts. I was given a can of EZ Doz-It to try about a year ago. This product has by far exceeded my expectations. I have saved several hundred dollars in tools and parts using this product. Before using it, I was a firm believer in PB Blaster. Now, all of my cans of PB Blaster have found their way to my trash can. To you and all the guys at Berryman, keep up the good work!

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Part # Non-compliant in Alternative part Notes
Part # 1612 CA, CA SCAQMD * 1011

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