2611 intake valve and combustion cleaner

Professionally formulated for use in all fuel-injected gasoline engines. Contains polyetheramine (“PEA”) to clean combustion chambers and ALL types of intake valves, including those in PFI, TBI, and GDI engines. Dissolves stubborn carbon buildup for a dramatic increase in performance and overall drivability. Restores original octane requirements. Includes universal application accessories. Safe on catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. Not for use in diesel engines.


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2611 - Net 16 fl. oz. (453 g), with Application Hose Kit

Part #2611

2611-PRO -Kit contains 6 Net 16 fl. oz. (453 g), with 3 Application Hose Kits and Instructions

Part #2611-PRO

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Thomas B.

Your products are the most underrated products in the market. There is nothing that comes close. I tell all my friends and coworkers about them and the ones that have used can’t thank me enough. Every parts store I go into pushes Seafoam, it’s even at the registers or at some special display, it is expensive and does not even come close to your products .I wish Berryman would have a bigger push in these stores because your company deserves it. This stuff flat out works and you can’t beat the price. Thank you for making such a great product.

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Jim R.

I was having problems with my ’01 Mitsubishi Eclipse V6 making a ticking noise in the valve train and bought the B-12 Chemtool Total Combustion Chamber Kit. The noise went away and purrs like a cat with 125K miles on it. I would like to get more kits because I am a roving mechanic and want to help others with their maintenance.

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James W.

I have used Chemtool products for years, and while there are several Chemtool alternatives they are all poor substitutes from the real thing. I have also used the Fuel System Cleaner with the Fuel Additive with great success on my ’83 Suburban and ’95 Camry.

2630 2

Terry K.

I used the System Cleaner in my parents 2000 Impala, with 140,000 on it, and there was a marked improvement almost right away!

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