Tire Seal R Family Updated

Instantly seals leaks and protects pneumatic tires and tubes from small nails, thorns, and other sharp objects. Stays liquid permanently and uses innovative fiber technology to plug leaks and prevent loss of air pressure. Advanced corrosion inhibitors protect all types of wheels, including steel, chrome, and alloy. Seals porosity leaks in magnesium and aluminum composition wheels. Available in a variety sizes for any job. Nonflammable and biodegradable formula. Great for tractor tire ballasting.

Position valve stem of wheel at the 5 or 7 o’clock position. Deflate tire and remove valve core using recessed tool in top of cap. Fully extend retractable fill tube from container spout. Push fill tube securely onto valve stem and slowly squeeze recommended amount of sealant into tire

HEIGHT of Tire (inches) X WIDTH of Tire (inches) X .04 = oz. of Tire Seal-R® needed
EXAMPLE: 25” high X 2” wide X .04 = 2 oz. of sealant

Then, remove fill tube from valve stem. Replace and tighten valve core until well-seated. Rotate tire to distribute sealant. Reinflate tire to proper pressure and rotate again. After proper treatment with Tire Seal-R, any nails, thorns, and other sharp objects present can be removed. Clean spills using water.


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Net 1 Gallon Bottle with Pump

Part #1301

Net 5 Gallon Pail

Part #1305

Net 8 fl. oz. (237 mL) Squeeze Bottle

Part #1308

Net 16 fl. oz. (473 mL) Squeeze Bottle

Part #1316

Net 32 fl. oz. (946 mL) Squeeze Bottle

Part #1332

Seal-R® Injector Pump for Part #1305

Part #1200

Seal-R® Pump for 15-Gallon / 55-Gallon

Part #1500

Net 55 Gallon Drum

Part #1355

Tire Seal R Family Updated


I keep a gallon jug of Berryman Tire Sealer on hand at all times here on the farm. It is the best I have ever used and want nothing else.



I recently bought a tractor from the 50’s and as soon as I got it home I noticed I had a tire leaking, and it would be $275 to have someone come put a tube in it. I asked around if there were any good tire sealants that were up to the task and basically got told by everyone that they are a waste of your time and money. Well….I’m stubborn and I don’t always listen to others, so, I did a little online research and decided I wanted to try your product. I bought a gallon from a farm store and pumped it in the tire. As I was airing the tire up I could hear the leak and then it stopped just like that! It’s been a week, I’ve been using the tractor and it’s holding pressure just fine. Thanks for a great product!


John M.

Berryman Tire Sealant is a great product! It is hard to find in the gallon form in East Texas, but searched all over and found it at Carquest Auto Parts store in Lufkin, TX. Works better than Slime in your ATV’s.

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VOC Compliant in all 50 states