My cousin has a Dodge Dakota that is really BAD sludge problem. He has two cans of this product used as a carb soak. Can this product be used in the crankcase as well? He put it directly into the oil pan (without turning it over) to see if it would soak the sludge out of the oil pump screen as the vehicle was getting NO oil pressure. Would this hurt anything if he disconnected the coil so the motor would NOT start and bumped the engine over to get the product to the top down. We think this motor is full of sludge.

asked October 30, 2018
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Chem-Dip products (0905 and 0996) are not suitable in the crankcase because of the lack of combustibility and their incompatibility with motor oil.

However, Berryman B-12 Chemtool Fuel Injector Cleaner (part #0116) is extremely effective in the removal of gum, sludge, and other crankcase deposits, but it should only be applied immediately before an oil and filter change due to the potential overloading of the oil with dissolved sludge and deposits. The reason we don’t indicate this usage on the label anymore is because there just isn’t enough room.

Please note that if sludge or carbon buildup on worn oil rings has been helping to seal the crankcase, then applying B-12 Chemtool could actually cause the engine to begin smoking even if it didn’t before. Removal of varnish and carbon buildup can also affect tolerances in old, dirty engines and cause engine noise (clattering). These are very uncommon occurrences, but please be aware of the possibilities.

If you would like to use B-12 Chemtool as an engine flush, pour into your cold crankcase approximately 1½-2 oz of B-12 Chemtool per quart of oil capacity. If your vehicle holds 5 quarts of oil, then you should use about 7½-10 fl. oz. of B-12 Chemtool. After you’ve added it to your cold engine oil, start the car and run it at idle 10-15 minutes or until the oil is warm. Then change the spent oil and replace the oil filter.

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