We have purchased a couple of new cars the past few years, a 2011 Chevrolet C1500 Silverado (Flex-Fuel) and a 2013 Chevrolet Malabu (Eco). All of my previous vehicles since 1995 have had the Berryman B-12 added to every 2-3 gas tanks and they ran PERFECTLY at 150,000 miles just as they did at 1,500 miles. I feel adding the B-12 helped contribute to the life of the engine and fuel system and have been a strong believer in the product.

The owner’s manual for both of our new vehicles State the Following:

Notice: This vehicle was not
designed for fuel that contains
methanol. Do not use fuel
containing methanol. It can
corrode metal parts in the fuel
system and also damage plastic
and rubber parts. That damage
would not be covered under the
vehicle warranty.

My question is….The manual says NOT TO USE fuel that contains METHANOL and the Berryman B-12 contains 20%-30% Methanol. Can the Berryman B-12 be used in these new vehicles to improve performance without causing the issues listed in the Notice above from the owner’s manual that could potentially not be covered under the Manufactures Warranty?


A Loyal Customer….

asked November 14, 2012
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Sorry for the delay, sometimes our research takes some time. Methanol is actually a permissible constituent in fuel- grade ethanol at low levels. This means formulated gasoline with ethanol contains small amounts of methanol, so automotive component parts are designed with this in mind. Extremely large levels of methanol (like some racing fuel) could be what your manual is referring to. There is no danger in adding B-12 Chemtool into the fuel of an automobile when used as directed. Methanol combined with the other High Energy Solvent in the B-12 Chemtool formula is the basis for the product’s ability to keep the fuel system clean, thereby helping to extend the life of the engine.

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