Love Berryman! Using it for many years!

I was wondering if ya’ll are or would consider
making the lid where a (Man) with man hands can actually get a finger in the loop to open the cap?
I have to use my pinky and only the tip will fit. Being acquard generally the plastic ring separated from the cap versus opening it.
Then I have to use my knife or whatever I can find to dig the cap out and opened.

Am I the only man to bring this to ya’lls attention? Hope not.

Thank you though for a great product. (Minus the lid) lol…


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Thanks for taking the time to write us & we appreciate your feedback. We have been using this container and associated cap apparatus (base, screwcap and closure) for about eight years now. As you probably are aware, several of our competitors also utilize the same can and cap. There are several benefits to the can/cap apparatus, namely:
• The product is now tamper proof, as well as, child proof
• This can/cap style has eliminated leakage and potential evaporation over the course of time, which were occasionally issues with the previous can/cap design
• This can is stronger now because it has only one seam, as opposed to three – this presents fewer chances for leakage along seam lines
• Some cost efficiencies, which have allowed us to minimize price increases to our customers – we are pleased that such increases have been very minimal over the past several years

As with all changes, there have been some complaints – as there were with the previous can/cap. Please know that we do communicate regularly with our supplier and have thoroughly discussed the “shortcomings” that we have detected in the cap design. In fact, in working with the cap supplier, we have been able to make modifications that have improved the ease with which the “ring tab” can be pulled from the apparatus. Unfortunately, there are very tight limits on what the supplier can do, or is willing to do, in terms of modification (primarily due to their tooling costs and dimensions of the opening). Another complicating factor is that there are only a couple of companies that manufacture a cap apparatus that is compatible with the domed can, which obviously limits our ability to force change. Naturally, we will continue to provide this type of feedback to the supplier, and hopefully there will be other companies that join us with similar feedback.

Regarding your desire to upload a picture, feel free to write in on the “Contact Us” page (it’s under the “More” menu option. Once you receive a response, you can reply back to the email with your picture attached…. Hope this helps and Thanks again for the feedback!!

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