I have a small ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning carburetors and other small metal parts. I have been unable to find any cleaning solvent locally, but our auto parts dealer suggested using your Chem-Dip solvent. I don’t see anything in the directions about using it in an ultrasonic cleaner, so I would like your opinion if it is ok to use. If not, is there anything else that you would recommend?

asked October 23, 2012
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You didn’t mention which of the Chem-Dip formulas you propose to use. Berryman makes two different formulas under the Chem-Dip name. #0905 and #0901 are solvent and acid based. #0996 is water and amine based, which can be used in ultrasonic equipment without reservation.

If the system has no circulating pumps that would pick up solvent and a vat made of stainless steel, there’s a reasonable chance that our product could work for you. However, our solvent-based Chem-Dip formula has a somewhat complex formula. Chem-Dip is blended in two stages to enable the upper stage (sealer phase) of the product to float on top of the actual solvent cleaner. This floating layer serves 3 functions:
1. Prevents premature evaporation of the solvent
2. Suppresses the vapors of the solvent and helps contain the odor (it definitely has an astringent smell)
3. Serves as an initial rinse of the solvent from parts being drawn out of the container

Straight solvent (the bottom layer) would evaporate quickly without the top phase of the solvent and increase the amount of vapor exposure to the end user, especially when agitated. At the lowest setting, the ultrasonic system should work well with this product as long as the lower phase doesn’t break the surface of the upper phase.

#0901 is not available in the State of California.

For your safety, please read and follow all instructions and safety measures diligently.

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