These Cars Are the Cheapest to Maintain Over 10 Years

These Cars Are the Cheapest to Maintain Over 10 Years


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The cost of owning a car goes beyond the amount you paid when you bought the vehicle. You also have to deal with monthly payments for car insurance, fuel, registration, taxes, car maintenance and vehicle repairs. Choosing a vehicle with low servicing requirements and using top-quality maintenance products can significantly reduce the cost of ownership for many consumers. For this reason, you should look for cars that are easy to repair with low maintenance costs.

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Cars with Low Automotive Maintenance Costs

Consumer Reports, automotive experts and other organizations have released reviews on the cheapest cars to maintain over ten years. Several factors should be considered when ranking vehicles based on car maintenance costs. These include the vehicle’s mileage, age, model and make, which means the cost of maintaining a car will vary throughout its service life.

With these factors in mind, here are the cars with the most affordable maintenance:

Nissan Leaf

This fully electric compact hatchback was introduced in 2010 with maintenance costs estimated at $1,190 for over ten years. Like many electric vehicles in its class, it was designed with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. Since they have fewer moving parts, don’t need oil changes, have reduced cooling needs and regenerative braking, and require fewer fluids, electric cars often have lower maintenance costs.

Toyota Camry

The Camry is one of the best-selling cars in the U.S.; production started in 1982. It’s best known for fuel efficiency, comfort and reliability. With spacious interiors, it quickly became a popular choice as a family car. This vehicle’s 10-year average car maintenance cost is estimated at $2,510.

Toyota RAV4

This compact crossover SUV was introduced in 1994 and is still popular today. This vehicle requires minimal car repair and automotive maintenance and is well-known for safety, reliability and versatility. The average maintenance cost for the RAV4 over ten years is $2,970.

Lexus ES Hybrid

Toyota’s luxury division marketed this midsize sedan executive car, with production beginning in 1989. It offers a balance of fuel efficiency, performance and luxury. With its environmentally friendly design, this vehicle is easy to maintain. The average vehicle repair cost for this car is $3,015 over ten years.

Ford Edge

This midsize crossover SUV has been around since 2007. It is best known as a very comfortable ride with generous interiors offering plenty of legroom. Coupled with outstanding performance, the Ford Edge is easy to maintain and practical for family weekend trips. The average car repair costs of this vehicle are estimated at $3,190.

Cheap cars to maintain

This vehicle features sleek modern interiors, spacious interiors and plenty of premium features. This midsize SUV is also known for its safety features and reliable performance. The average car maintenance cost for this vehicle over ten years is estimated at $4,365.


Reduce Maintenance Costs with High-Quality Products

Using high-quality maintenance products can help reduce vehicle maintenance costs. At Berryman Products, we have spent decades building a reputation for providing solutions that prolong your car’s service. Contact us today to learn more about cost-effective maintenance products for your vehicle.

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