13 Clever Cold Weather Car Tips To Help You Survive This Winter

13 Clever Cold Weather Car Tips To Help You Survive This Winter

Cold Weather Car Tips

Road conditions in the winter can make driving extra difficult, and just owning a car can become a real chore. Here are 13 simple tips and tricks to make this season more bearable.

Doors, Locks & Latches

Particularly in cold weather, the last thing you need is to be fighting with your vehicle’s doors, locks and latches! Here’s how to make them all work a little more smoothly and ease your struggle!

  • To keep ice from bonding the rubber to the metal doors, spray silicone on the weather stripping. This will make doors open and close smoother, and help prevent tears in the weather stripping.
  • Silicone spray also works wonders to keep all the hinges and latches of your vehicle functioning smoothly in the winter.
  • Fighting frozen door locks? Try heating your key with a lighter for a few seconds first, this will help it slide in easier, and defrost the lock at the same time.

Windshield & Wipers

Just simply looking out the window can be a real struggle during the winter. Try these tips for reducing fog and keeping your wipes up to par.

  • Fog can become a real pain in cold weather. Believe it or not, shaving cream is your friend here! Shaving cream has many of the same ingredients as commercial defoggers. Put it on the inside of your windows, and then wipe it off. It will leave a layer on the window, preventing fog buildup.
  • Got a cat? Regardless, kitty litter helps prevent fog buildup, too. Put some in a stocking and leave it in your car overnight. It absorbs water to prevent fog development.
  • No one has time for wipers stuck to their windshield on cold winter mornings. Try using a pair of socks to cover your wipers at night. Socks keep the snow off your wiper blades, keeping them from developing ice and protecting them from damage. Also, raise your wipers off the windshield so they don’t stick.
  • Silicone can come in handy for windshield wipers, too. Spray the frames of your wiper blades with silicone. This lessens their ability to freeze on cold nights.

Headlight Visibility

Headlights are especially important during the winter due to harsh road conditions and less daylight time. Try these simple tips to keeping them clear and bright.

  • Enter toothpaste! Smear toothpaste over your headlights and then rinse it off with warm water. Believe it or not, but it drastically improves their clarity.
  • For even more headlight clarity, apply a layer of wax after rinsing off the toothpaste. Repeat this routine every few weeks during the winter to prevent snow and ice buildup.

Getting Un-Stuck

The ice and snow can be a real trap, keep these tips in mind to prevent yourself from ending up stranded.

  • Again, the kitty litter! Keeping a couple heavy bags of kitty litter in your ride provides benfits two-fold. Not only will it put some weight on your back tires to improve traction, but it is a real life saver if you get stuck. If you’re tires are spinning on the snow or ice, pour some of that kitty litter around your tires and feet to increase traction and reduce slippage.
  • Floor mats are also a great built-in feature for getting your vehicle out of a snow bank. Place the mat under the spinning tire to gain some traction. Another great trick for getting your car out of a snowbank? Your floor mats. Take out a floor mat and use that under the spinning tire to improve traction and get you moving again.

Noisy Fan Belt

Fan belt squeaking and squealing whenever you start your engine in cold weather? Try a belt dressing, such as Berryman® Tite-Grip® Belt Dressing. It eliminates slippage to stop belt squealing and maximizes power transfer for better fan, power steering, alternator, and drive motor efficiency.

Emergency Kit

Having an emergency kit in your car is essential, not only in cold weather but year-round as well. However, in the winter you may need some additional items. Be sure to include the following in your winter car safety kit:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Water Bottle
  • Blanket
  • Candle & Matches
  • Socks
  • Warm Hat
  • Gloves
  • Snow Pants
  • Non-Perishable Snacks
  • Flashlight
  • Phone Charger

Let’s hope you never have to use this kit, but if you get into a sticky situation in the winter, it could literally save your life!

We hope these winter car tips help make life a little easier in the upcoming cold weather season. Here at Berryman Products, we proudly offer a wide variety of products for all your vehicle needs. Have questions about a specific product or vehicle topic in general? We are your solution central: Ask Questions. Get Answers here.

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