4 Fall Foliage Road Trips To Experience This Season

4 Fall Foliage Road Trips in the USA to Experience This Year

Fall Road Trip


Fall is arguably one of the most beautiful and enjoyable times of the year. It’s also a great season for road trips! Viewing the masterful colors of deciduous trees from the road is one of the most effortless and rewarding ways to appreciate the beauty we are so privy to.

4 Road Trip Routes That Offer Great Fall Foliage Views

While there are endless opportunities when it comes to road trips routes in the United States, here are a couple of our favorites this time of year.


  1. Great Smokey Mountains, North Carolina

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of America’s most popular national parks, with over 9 million visitors per year. With its colorful rolling hills and steep mountain passes, it offers one of the most stunning forests, and fall foliage, you can find. As if that weren’t enough, the vegetation creates a unique fog, or ‘smoke,’ that settles beautifully in the valley. This area offers approximately 800 miles of hiking trails and 270 miles of of incredibly beautiful roadways, making the opportunities for adventure nearly endless.

Great Smoky Mountains


  1. Texas Farm to Market Road 1050

Also known as the road leading to Garner State Park, the Texas Farm to Market Road 1050 is particularly popular in the summer. But, this highway is a must-drive in autumn. Elevation changes and sharp curves carved out through the rocks and hills make it a seriously fun route. The views are sure to take your breath away, especially this time of year.

Garner State Park, Texas


  1. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Encompassing nearly 4 million acres, Michigan has an enormous state forest, the largest in the eastern U.S. There are over 20 state parks to choose from for your road trip, each delivering unforgettable fall foliage. With Michigan known as a fruit growing state, be prepared to come across some of the most delicious produce to snack on along the drive. What’s not to love?



  1. New Hampshire, Mount Washington

Drive to the highest peak in the northwest, and you’ll get a view of the fall foliage like none other. At 6,288 feet, autumn in the mountains is simply spectacular. When you make it to the top, be sure to check out the observation area and museum… And don’t forget your camera!

Mount Washington


Inspired to start your first fall foliage road trip this year? We sure are! These 4 routes are just a few suggestions of the endless fall road trip opportunities our gorgeous country has to offer.

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