Driving Through the History of Berryman Products

Driving Through the History of Berryman Products

We’re going on a little trip. Come with us.

1918: Berryman Products - Black and White
The history of Berryman Products dates back to more than 100 years ago.

1918: When It All Started

Whenever we take a drive down memory lane, we start in the year 1918. That’s when “Pappy,” (also known as Waldo B. Berryman), traded his prize-winning stud horse for a patented tire sealing formula!

Fast-forward to winter — the next year — and the patent was officially in his name. December 23, 1919… What a wonderful day for Pappy!

But things weren’t easy after acquiring the company’s first product.

With his family and his long-awaited formula, Berryman traveled across the country in a converted wood panel Graham Truck. From coast to coast, they bartered their Sealex Tire Sealer for meals, fuel and accommodations.

Left: The converted wood panel Graham Truck used by the Berryman family.
Right: Sealex Tire Sealer Packaging

When Pappy hit a hot sales area, legend has it he would set up production in a rented room. This meant mixing his formula in the bathtub before filling orders from his truck the next day! Just imagine.

When it came time to set up a permanent shop, the Berrymans settled in the backwoods of ​​Lima, Ohio. Pappy purchased an old shack. Check out how it was converted to serve as the first manufacturing site for Berryman Products:

Lima, Ohio Shack

The most popular products, such as Solvall Tune-Up Oil, OilZall Valve Oil, and Lubrex Super-Lubricant, gained both acceptance and popularity locally. It can be said that they laid the groundwork for the quality reputation that Berryman still has now.

Fun fact: In these days, these oils and lubricants were packaged in glass!

EZ Doz-It: Early 1950s

As distribution expanded, Pappy and his only son, Colonel Waldo “Bud” Berryman, Jr., moved the site to Dallas, Texas.

1954-1959: Industry-Leading Introductions

In the early ’50’s, Berryman® Chem-Dip Carburetor and Parts Cleaner was introduced and has become an industry-leading parts cleaner today. Then, in 1958, B-12 Chemtool was developed as a multi-purpose surface cleaning solvent. It didn’t take long to become Berryman’s flagship product!

B-12 Chemtool® is now available in over a dozen products and has grown to become synonymous with the Berryman name.

Our Berryman® B-12 Chemtool® Carburetor, Fuel System and Injector Cleaner is now available in over a dozen products and has grown to become synonymous with the Berryman name.

1960-1970: Legend Waldo B. “Pappy” Berryman Retires

1960: New owner of Berryman Products, Inc.

RH Blankenship, a long-time acquaintance of Pappy, learned of the company and its solid reputation. With a strong background in the automotive industry, Blankenship purchased the company in 1970, becoming the new owner of Berryman Products, Inc.

Still located in Arlington, Texas today, the company flourished through the ’70’s and ’80’s with larger facilities and a strong family ownership. As more and more Blankenship family members became more involved with the company, they used their skills, interests and strengths to pursue different areas of responsibilities over the years — blending, packaging, assembling, and shipping the products!

→ For more on our story , visit our Company History page!

A Century of Performance

As we have surpassed our 100th year in business, we are especially grateful to our customers. You all make us what we are today.

Our family remains committed to going above and beyond the high quality standards that our automotive patrons have come to rely on. The expertly-crafted auto care products from Berryman are continuously designed to keep your vehicle running at optimum performance!

Moving forward, it is our mission to provide you with immediate personal service and producing products that innovate on improved performance, reliability, and environmental responsibility.

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