Auto Lubricants: Why, When and How They’re Used

Auto Lubricants: Why, When and How They’re Used

Elbow grease isn’t the only grease needed to keep your vehicle properly maintained. In fact, using auto lubricants might save your elbows from too much strain, as well as make your life a whole lot easier!

Lubricants and greases are essential to prevent premature wear and tear, corrosion and rust on joints, bearings, and any other metal parts in your vehicle.

And you’re probably thinking, “Isn’t almost everything in my car metal?Well, yes… yes, that is true.

Luckily for you, we have lubricants to meet all your auto needs!

Read on to learn why it is important to use auto lubricants, when you should use them, and how to best make use of these kinds of products.


Auto Lubricants: Why, When and How They're Used

Why? Protection.

Applying the right auto lubricants and greases onto your vehicle’s parts will help to prevent and protect from corrosion and rusting.

If you want to keep your car in excellent shape — and avoid surprise maintenance issues — it’s important to keep your car parts lubricated. This is especially true if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions!

When? Spot the Signs.

Have you ever had that one bold or nut that just will not come loose? Or have you noticed your vehicle is getting a bit weathered and your door hinges are starting to rust?

Bring auto lubricants in to save the day and alleviate those annoying creaking noises or rust spots.

For different situations and scenarios, your friends at Berryman have different lubricant products available for you! Let’s go through them together:

  • Heavy Duty: Part #2016
    Our Berryman® Professional White Lithium Grease provides superior lubrication and exceptional protection for all metal-to-metal applications. It is great for door hinges because it leaves a thick film of lubricant that is weather resistant. It also reduces friction, repels water, and fights rust and corrosion. Best yet, it will not freeze, melt, run, or drip under normal conditions. This White Lithium Grease is long-lasting for extreme and heavy-duty applications.
  • Restores: Part #0612
    If you need more of a universal lubricant for metal to metal moving parts, we recommend using our Berryman® Professional Total Lube. This lubricates, penetrates, displaces moisture, and protects against rust and corrosion. It offers superior protection of all metal surfaces and electrical components and removes light corrosion to restore component functionality. It penetrates threaded fasteners and rusted parts for easy removal. So, if you’ve got a rusty bolt that just won’t loosen for anything, this will be your go-to lubricant!
  • Penetrates: Part #1011
    Are your bike chains or garage door chains starting to rust over and create friction? If so, you need to try our Berryman Professional Lubrex® Chain & Cable Lubricant that keeps chains and cables moving freely while keeping them free of rust and corrosion. This lubricant can be used for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and even garage doors. It provides exceptional lubrication, anti-wear, anti-sling, and corrosion inhibition for all types of chains, cables, wire ropes, gears, sprockets, and pulleys. It also extends operating life by quickly penetrating deep into chains and wire cables. Our chain and cable lubricant can be used in high-speed and high-humidity environments.
  • Dissolves: Part #1612
    Are you looking for a lubricant that will easily cut through rust? Our Berryman® Professional EZ Doz-It Penetrating Oil & Lubricant is the perfect lubricant for cutting through metal-to-metal corrosion and rust! It is an exceptional penetrating lubricant that begins loosening rusted, corroded, and seized nuts, bolts, and other parts for easy removal. It cuts through grease, oil, gum, and varnish quickly to penetrate and dissolve rust and lubricate “frozen” parts fast.
  • Waterproofs: Part #1716
    And last but not least, if you need a lubricant for an area that often gets wet then, our Berryman® Professional Silicone Spray is what you need! It has excellent lubrication, waterproofing, and corrosion protection for most surfaces, including metal, wood, rubber, and plastic. It has a fast-drying formula that leaves a clear, odorless, nontoxic film of silicone for long-lasting lubrication, water repellency, and corrosion protection. Our silicone spray is best used for areas on your car that will get wet, or even boats and motorcycles.

Berryman® Auto Lubricants and Greases

How? Quickly and Easily.

Using  your auto lubricant(s) should be rather effortless!

Simply follow three simple checks:

  1. Make sure the area is dry. ✔️
  2. Spray the lubricant on the affected area. ✔️
  3. Wipe up the excess. ✔️

It’s just that easy.

We hope this article helps you keep your daily driver functioning smoothly, as well as protect metal parts from corrosion and rust!



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