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Four Great Uses for Silicone Spray Lubricant

Looking for uses for your silicone lubricant spray? Berryman gives you the rundown on hacks for this spray.

There’s a reason why silicone spray lubricant is an absolute must-have for anyone who works on their car: its long list of potential uses!

Whether you’re about to pick up a can of our silicone spray lubricant for the first time or are just looking for new ways to use the one you’ve had in your garage for weeks, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few easy ways to use your silicone spray lubricant on your car – and some other ones around the house that you may not know about!

No more struggling with manual windows

This isn’t really an issue for the majority of cars on the road, but if you’re driving something classic with manual crank windows, spraying a bit of silicone lubricant into the window channel will make it go up and down a lot quicker and with a lot less work required on your end.

It won’t be as easy as automatic windows, sure, but it does make it a lot easier to appreciate one of the quirks of an older car.

Chassis Lubrication

Another must-do for older cars is spraying some silicone lubricant spray onto the bearings and bushings on your ride’s chassis. Doing so will reduce wear that comes with metal-on-metal surfaces working together, extending the life of your steering and keeping your car where it belongs: out on the road.

Various hinges and hatches

Really, anything that’s sticking or stubborn on your ride (within reason, of course) can be improved with some silicone lubricant spray. Seatbelt retracting too slowly? You know what to do. Gas cap sticking when you open it? No longer! Hinges on your hood not moving like they used to? You’ve got the solution right there in your hands.

Struggling to open car doors in the window? Our silicone lubricant spray is a great winterproofing tool that can get things moving again!

Non-Car Uses

But wait, there’s more! As a household item, silicone lubricant spray can make your life a lot easier as well. Have a sliding glass door? Spray a bit of silicone lubricant spray on the tracks and see how much easier it is to open and close.

Sick of leftover residue from removing labels on various products like jars? Hit it with some spray and watch it slide right off.

Have a stubborn zipper that just won’t move? Use some silicone lubricant spray and watch it move like new! In a sticky situation with some superglue? Not anymore.

What we’re saying is that there are a ton of uses for silicone lubricant spray that you probably didn’t even know about until now – and it’s a product that you should definitely stock up on if you want to make everything in your life run more smoothly. Learn more about our Silicone Lubricant and all our products.

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