Family-Friendly Activities for Car Fanatics

Family-Friendly Activities for Car Fanatics

Due to rising fuel prices and other factors, families across the country are spending their summer close to home and rescheduling road trip plans.

But driving long distances to far-off destinations isn’t the only way to make memories! You can still have all kinds of fun with family, even when you’re not on the road.

Family-Friendly Activities for Car Fanatics

Keep your passion for cars alive by getting the whole gang involved in various vehicle-related undertakings. Consider the following activities to both 1) celebrate your love for automobiles and 2) create fun family entertainment.


1. Give Your Car a Good Cleaning


Here’s a cost-effective, kid-friendly project: Wash your car with the kids!

Use this activity to share your automotive hobbies. You’ll be surprised how a chore can quickly turn into a game for your children.

Make sure to use a VOC-compliant all-surface cleaner to get things cleaned up and looking good.


2. Car Games for the Win


Car games provide plenty of entertainment for kids and adults alike. Even without driving far, you can share bonding moments and pass down automobile know-hows. 

Car games and entertainment for kids

Here are a few examples —

  • Trivia: This is a fun kid-friendly car entertainment activity that you can do while driving. Prepare trivia questions and fun facts about your family members. The facts can include special moments in your life, your kid’s interests and exciting details about their parents and grandparents. You can then switch to other interesting facts such as automobile history, cool car features and favorite Disney movies.
  • Story Circle: Another one of the car activities you can do is a story circle. While driving to your destination, tell a story, but let the littles pitch in this time. You start with an introduction, like “once upon a time” or “in ancient lands, long ago.” After that, have each family member add a sentence or two about the story you’re crafting. Let imaginations run wild, and have fun figuring out how your characters go.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Here’s another kid-friendly car entertainment idea that won’t cost you a lot to set up. It may take some preparation, but you can spice up a weekend camping trip or short drive to the park with a scavenger hunt. Create a list of things you can hide in the car and nearby areas. Make sure to have clues on your list. Hide these items and have family members look for them. Give prizes for finding each item.


3. Have a Tailgate Party


With baseball or football games on the schedule, head to the ballpark and bring your friends/kids along! 

Pack your vehicles with lawn chairs, lots of snacks, and plenty of drinks for everyone. 

Enjoy the game, let the kids goof around, and explore the automotive hobbies of those around you. Just remember to follow the local tailgating policies so you don’t get into trouble with administration.


4. Car Camping


Drive to a nearby campsite and have an “outdoor” night. Pack those necessities for an overnight camping trip — mattresses, chairs, sleeping bags, tents, a mini-fridge, or any other essentials. 

Car Camping

Set up camp around the car and enjoy your stay! Many folks also spend this time teaching bushwhacking skills, like how to start a fire without matches, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores.


5. Drive-In Movie Theaters or Diners


Cool summer night? Take your crew for an evening treat! Your nearby drive-in movie theater can make for a memorable family night.

This activity makes it easy to enjoy the show, the food, and the quality time in your ride.

Drive-in Movies

If you don’t have a local drive-in, rent a projector from your nearest library to make your own theater!

And be sure to check out our interior clean-up checklist if you do choose to eat inside of the vehicle. You’ll want to get rid of any mystery crumbs right away.


6. Vehicle Tune-Up and Detailing


Teach your kiddos a thing or two about automobiles by having them help with a quick tune-up. It’s a great way to share time while passing along useful life-long knowledge of how to change a spark plug, replace an air filter, etc. 

You can always take things up a notch by showing them how to clean and degrease an engine.

Or inspire their creative side with car stickers! Some minor auto-detailing is always rewarding to see.

Finally, you can quiz them about the different car parts they’re working on and offer a reward for correct answers. Ice cream is always a great reward!


Share your Hobbies and Make them Fun


You don’t need to travel far to stay active with friends and family!

Plan out a few cost-effective events to help share your knowledge and passions for automobile care.



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