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berryman b12 fuel system cleaner


My grandson added a couple of ounces of B-12 to his 1997 Sea Doo that was stalling and hesitating. Amazing results in only about 5 minutes of run time on the water. I’ve never seen anything work so well; so fast.

berryman b12 fuel system cleaner


I’ve used the Berryman B-12 Chemtool fuel system cleaner in my 70 year old 1947 Ford 8n Tractor for the past 7 years that I’ve owned it to keep it running rite. One bottle a season keeps my 8 N running like a champ whether I’m clearing snow from my driveway, mowing the grass or simply giving hay rides. Hunka B-12 really helps battle those ethanol Gremlins.

0116 2016

Bob S

A friend bottled, boxed and shipped this product in S. CA in the 60’s. We already knew it was great as we used it to get seasonal equipment unvarnished and purring after being idle all off season. Later working in a garage it was our prime tune-up solvent for fuel systems. I have always used this product for any fuel system and will never look back. It’s the best! B-12 & Marvel – The Magic Team!

0116 2016


My daughters 05 Mercury Sable 3.0 DOHC with 73k was running awful and showing multiple codes such as: p0430 / p0174 / p0316 /p0305 / p0306/. A local shop wanted to charge $600 to replace several parts. Knowing I had used STP injector cleaner a week or two before the car started acting up I didn’t think any more cleaner was necessary or would even help. I was about ready to give in and pay for the repairs to help her out when I seen your B12 ChemTool product at a local Meijer and decided to give it a try. After a couple several mile test drives it started to run like new! No more codes either! I’m so thrilled that your product worked so well I bought a few more bottles for preventive maintenance in my other vehicles. We are so relieved and grateful to avoid a costly and unnecessary repair. “Thank you!” really “Thank you!”

0116 2016


NO BS! My 1987 Ford Ranger 5sp 2.3 efi Has been used to haul 2 adult horses, with trailer and 1/2 ton of hay thousands of miles up and down I5 over the years. I used it to pull my 2008 Freightliner around town when I accidently ran it out of fuel. I’ve delivered 2 ton loads of hay throughout western Washington, this truck has over 225k miles on it and I would drive it to Maine tomorrow without giving it a second thought.
My dad INSISTED I use Berrymans and ONLY Berrymans on my 1st car and in the last 40 years I’ve owned 4 Vehicles, the last being my Ranger, all super high milage and I’ve used only Berrymans products (and routine maintenance). Now I might be the luckiest car guy alive or… It might just be the 40 years of Berrymans products. Myself? I don’t believe in luck. Use Berrymans. It’s good stuff!
Mike in Washington

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