5 Essential Products to Keep Your Engine Clean and Your Car Running Effectively

Keeping your engine clean and vehicle effectively is easier than you think! Berryman Products has been making All-American 🇺🇸 automotive products you can trust for over 100 years and has continually improved it’s products to help keep your vehicle at optimal performance.  Here are our 5 essential products to help keep you on the road: […]

How to Clean Your Intake Valve & Combustion Chamber Using Berryman’s 2611 Pro Kit

  Cleaning your intake valve and combustion chamber from carbon build up is an excellent way to keep fuel-injection type engines running at top performance. Intake valve build-up can slow down air flow, resulting in performance and driveability issues like hesitation, stumbling, and hard starting. We recommend cleaning your intake valve at regular 15,000-30,000 mile […]

What is Considered High Mileage for a Used Car

So, you’re in the market for a new ride – but want to go bargain hunting for a good used car. You’ve found the model you want – and one listed at a great price – but then you look at the mileage and ask yourself: does this used car have too many miles on […]

Four Great Uses for Silicone Spray Lubricant

There’s a reason why silicone spray lubricant is an absolute must-have for anyone who works on their car: its long list of potential uses! Whether you’re about to pick up a can of our silicone spray lubricant for the first time or are just looking for new ways to use the one you’ve had in […]

The Case For Crossovers

Auto enthusiasts are, at their core, romantic about the driving experience. They envision driving experiences on deserted mountain roads, twisting and winding and pushing their ride’s handling capabilities to the limit. For purists, this includes a stick shift, rear-wheel drive and a light, nimble chassis. Ask an automotive forum what kind of car fits your […]

Buying A Used Car? Here are 5 Important Tips

Buying a used car can sometimes feel like a gamble. While the previous owner may have taken extreme care of their vehicle with routine maintenance and care, another could have been a driven by a teenager who took the car for a few joy rides. To ensure that you are getting what you expect, here […]

The Most Reliable Kind Of Car Isn’t What You Think

Buying a new car is about far more than just improving your commute – it’s a long-term investment and, sometimes, the start of a relationship with a dealer or manufacturer. While things like price and fuel mileage are easily quantifiable, perceived reliability is often based on manufacturer reputation – with companies like Honda and Toyota […]

Failing Timing Belt Or Broken Timing Belt?

  The timing belt is essential to the proper function of your engine. Your timing belt acts as a link between the two most important halves of your car’s engine allowing for proper air flow, at the correct time, within your engine. Due to its importance and the immense force under which a timing belt […]

5 Most Common Vehicle Transmission Problems

  Your transmission is the mechanism that sends the power of your engine to the wheels of your car. The transmission experiences an elevated level of daily wear and tear due to high heat and friction from various components of your car. This wear and tear, over time, can lead to an array of transmission […]

So Fresh, So Clean, So Spring: 5 Life Hacks For Auto Detailing

  It’s difficult to take pride in your ride when it’s covered in pollen and caked up with whatnots throughout the interior. No worries. Berryman has assembled a low-cost, easy-to-implement list of automotive cleaning hacks, and just in time before the spring sunshine exposes all your old gunk. Our list is compiled of auto detailing […]