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b12 chemtool 1161


Absolutely the best fuel additive ever! Vehicle was having all sorts of problems lagging, choking up, dying at idle, etc. Used one can of this in 3/4 of a tank of fuel, got on the highway, drove 30 miles out and 30 miles back at 60-70 MPH and by the time we got home the engine was purring like a kitten. Thank you Berryman’s!



I have a 1999 Dodge Status with 184K miles on it. I was considering replacing all of my fuel injectors as I had at least two of them barely working and I had rough idling and poor gas mileage (~10 MPG). I witnessed the HEST test and I decided to try the B-12 Chemtool ($4.99 at my local parts store). I put a can of it in my empty tank and then filled to a 1/2 tank with premium. Holy Cow!!! My injectors are all firing 🙂 Yay!


Franky S.

this is a revised update by me on the continued use of using b12 chemtool in my gas tank. at every fill i use 4ozs in the 11.75 gal tank. i’ve noticed the following mileage increase – almost 4 miles, no hesitation & quicker start up. my kia rio 2008 runs as good as the day i bought it new. by the way i just turned 307,000 highway miles on it. i’m truly grateful for this wonderful product of yours.


Franky S.

all i would like to say is it is a truly wonderful product that actually does what you say it does, i’m talking about the b12 cleaner. i noticed quite an improvement in less than 100 miles of driving. i am sold on this product and will use it on a regular basis from now on. thank you.

1612 EZ1

Matt W.

My name is Matt. I work at O’Reilly Auto Parts. I was given a can of EZ Doz-It to try about a year ago. This product has by far exceeded my expectations. I have saved several hundred dollars in tools and parts using this product. Before using it, I was a firm believer in PB Blaster. Now, all of my cans of PB Blaster have found their way to my trash can. To you and all the guys at Berryman, keep up the good work!

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