How To Keep And Maintain A Clean Motorcycle (Like New!)

How to Get a Detailed & Clean Motorcycle – Make Your Ride Look New Again

How To Get A Detailed & Clean Motorcycle


Most drivers take a lot of pride in the way their ride looks – this is true even if they prefer two wheels to four.

If you’re one of the many motorists out there who likes riding a motorcycle, you know there are some key differences with your preferred type of vehicle.

The way you have to care for and service a motorcycle is different than the care and servicing required for a car. The same can be said of cleaning. Not only do you need the right products, but you need the right techniques to ensure your ride looks detailed and clean whenever you take it out.

Treat Surfaces & Important Parts First

When you’re cleaning your motorcycle, the first thing you want to do is a pre-wash. You’ll need warm water and a cloth that’s soft and clean.

You can also use some mild detergent, or, better yet, some cleaner designed specifically for vehicular surfaces or motorcycles in particular. Wipe down the fairings, fenders, and the gas tank, being sure to clean from top to bottom. Gravity is your friend when you’re cleaning and detailing your bike – start at the higher points and work your way down to make the procedure as quick and as thorough as possible.

For the chrome parts, its best to treat them like painted surfaces and avoid agents that could cause damage. Using chrome polish is a safe bet and will make the bike shine like it was fresh off the lot.

The wheels may require a little extra scrubbing, meaning a firm brush could be the perfect fit for the job. Wheels, like many other parts of the bike, can accumulate dust and debris very quickly. However, regular cleaning with industry-leading products can help you stay ahead of the grime buildup.

Power Wash & Scrub The Greasier Areas

You love the way your bike looks and sounds, but those perks come with a tradeoff. It can be easy for bikes to accumulate grime, especially around the underside of the engine and the swingarm.

When you see a buildup like this, you need the right solutions, such as Berryman B-12 Professional All Surface Cleaner & Degreaser. Once you’ve used the right agents to loosen up the nastiness, your next step is to blast it away with a good power washing.

You should also have a separate set of brushes to clean these areas. You don’t want to accidentally grab a brush caked with gunk then use it on the cleaner areas of your bike.

When it comes time to dry the motorcycle, use clean towels that are soft but durable. Chamois towels are a good choice. But before you begin wiping it down, consider air drying first. If you don’t have a dedicated tool, the exhaust hose from an industrial vacuum or even a leaf blower works just as well.


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