Berryman Seal-R: The Only Tire Sealant You Should Be Using

Berryman Seal-R: The Only Tire Sealant You Should Be Using

Tire Sealant

Ever hit a hard bump, or accidentally drive over sharp debris and end up with a flat? Consider keeping a good tire sealant on hand! This sticky, fibrous liquid coats the interior of tires. When a tire gets punctured, the air that escapes caries the sealant out through the hole with it to create a plug.

Berryman Seal-R Tire Sealing Compound instantly seals leaks and protects pneumatic tires and tubes from small nails, thorns and other sharp objects. Our innovative fiber technology stays fluid permanently to plug leaks and prevent the loss of air pressure. Advanced corrosion inhibitors protect all types of wheels, including steel, chrome, and alloy. It is great to use for tractor tire ballasting, ATV’s, dirt bikes, pedal bikes, lawn mowers, and vehicles.

We’ve taken the time to answer some of your most common questions regarding our Tire Sealant product. Read on to learn more!

What Is The In-Use Life of Berryman’s Tire Sealant?

When applied properly, the product should stay fluid for the remainder of the life of the tire. If it is constantly exposed to fresh air, it could dry out and need to be replaced. Because repeated punctures cause some loss of fluid each time, they could eventually deplete the fluid to the point where repeated airing of the tire may cause some settling up of the fluid. This happens when a regularly applied amount of fresh air replaces the vapor atmosphere as the fluid level in the tire drops.

Will Berryman Seal-R Affect The Balance Of My Tires?

No, as long as the product is applied in the proper amounts to an already in-balance tire, it should not affect the balance. However, if the tire is out of balance to begin with, then sealant could make the condition worse. Once the product is inside of an out-of-balance tire, it is nearly impossible to re-balance. So, be sure your tires are in-balance before using this product.

How Big Of A Hole Will Seal-R Seal?

Berryman Seal-R will seal a puncture caused by an object up to ¼ inch in diameter.

Does Pressure Matter When Figuring Out How Much Tire Sealant to Use?

No, tire pressure does not matter when determining how much Berryman Seal-R Tire Sealing Compound to use. The only factor affecting fluid content is whether or not the vehicle is used primarily off-road, at construction sites, or other areas where punctures are more likely.

How Quickly Can I Expect Seal-R to Work?

A few factors affect the sealing time, but it usually only takes a few revolutions of the tire to get an effective seal:

  • The size of the hole in relation to the depth of the rubber:

The larger the hole, the thinner the rubber depth, and the longer it could take to seal.

  • The length of time the object has been in the tire:

Rubber is a Shape-Memory Polymer, meaning is has the ability to return from a deformed state to its original shape. A.K.A.: Rubber has memory. This means that the longer the object stays in the tire, the more time it could take to seal.

  • The angle of the puncture:

Objects that pierce at an angle can cause the resulting hole to have more torsion and flex as the tire rolls. Because this varies the flow of the fluid and matting of the fibers, it can result in a slower sealing time.

  • The placement of the puncture:

Punctures between treads can sometimes take more time, especially if they are made by larger objects. Punctures in the side wall are the hardest to seal and generally take longer; larger holes in the side wall of a well-used tire may not seal at all.

  • The age and hardness of the tire:

Because the memory of the tire’s rubber gets lost with age, the tire becomes harder. The harder the rubber, the longer the sealing time. 


Berryman Seal-R Tire Sealing Compound has been used at facilities where mobile buildings are built for many years. At one site in the late 1990’s (Yes, this product has lasted the test of time!), a tire was recovered by one of our sales people. The old tire had 161 nails and pieces of wire in it… And it still held air!

At Berryman, we are committed to providing the highest quality automotive products, along with the highest quality of customer service in the industry. Check out our website for more details, F.A.Q.’s and HESTimonials! Our products are available at a variety of retailers.

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