The Difference Between Regular Car Service and an Auto Tune-Up

The Difference Between Regular Car Service and an Auto Tune-Up

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An auto tune-up and car repair service may sound similar, and some car owners use these terms interchangeably. However, there are differences between these two services when you bring your vehicle in for a checkup. An auto tune-up tends to be more thorough than a regular car service, usually requiring repairs or replacement of essential car components and using specialized tools and supplies.

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In this guide, we’ll cover the differences between a regular car repair service and an auto tune-up. We will also review symptoms that require immediate attention and determine which type of service is necessary for them.


What is a Regular Car Service?

Also known as routine maintenance, a regular car service is a comprehensive maintenance procedure performed on a vehicle at specified intervals or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It typically includes checking and changing various fluids, inspecting and replacing filters, and examining the condition of essential components.

This car checkup procedure ensures the vehicle is in proper working order as per the manufacturer’s design. The primary goal of a regular car service is to keep the vehicle running smoothly, extend its lifespan, and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

With this process, a vehicle’s general maintenance needs are addressed. For instance, if you’re trying to determine the meaning of the ABS light flashing, mechanics will check wheel speed sensors, fluid levels, and ABS modules.


What is an Auto Tune-Up?

An auto tune-up is a specialized maintenance procedure compared to regular car service. It focuses on optimizing the performance and efficiency of a vehicle’s engine and related parts. During an auto tune-up, a mechanic or technician performs a series of inspections and adjustments to the engine and its components.

Given its nature, auto tune-ups are typically performed less frequently than a car repair service. Your car usually needs a tune-up when the engine requires fine-tuning or improvement.

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When Do You Need a Regular Car Service?

Here are some of the standard maintenance checks performed during a regular car service:

  • Fluid Checks and Changes: Regular service includes checking and changing essential fluids such as engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid.
  • Filter Replacements: Air, oil, and fuel filters are inspected and replaced as needed.
  • Brake Inspection: Brake pads, rotors, calipers, and fluid are inspected or replaced.
  • Tire Inspection: Mechanics will check tire tread depth and wear.
  • Suspension and Steering Checks: The suspension and steering components are inspected to ensure proper alignment and handling.

You will need regular service when figuring out the meaning of a lit ABS light. After running a certain number of miles, manufacturers will recommend car service. However, you’ll need an auto tune-up for engine-related and performance issues.


When Do You Need an Auto Tune-Up?

Here are some of the maintenance checks performed during an auto tune-up:

  • Hard Starts: This can be related to the ignition or fuel system.
  • Bad Fuel Mileage: This issue can result from engine problems, fuel system issues, or incorrect tire pressure.
  • Stalling: Stalling can be caused by engine, fuel system, or transmission issues.
  • Difficulty Shifting Gears: This may be related to problems in the transmission or clutch system.
  • Slow Acceleration: This issue can be caused by fuel system problems or engine wear and tear.

An auto tune-up will be necessary if you notice any of the engine-related issues mentioned above. It is crucial that you get a mechanic to check your vehicle as soon as possible to prevent issues from getting worse.


Proven Solutions for Car Service and Auto Tune-Ups

Berryman Products is your trusted provider of effective solutions for auto tune-ups and routine car service. If you want to learn how these products can boost your car’s performance, contact our specialists, and we will happily answer your questions.

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