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The Ultimate Holiday Shopping List for Your Favorite Car Guru

HO HO HO — Christmas is almost here!!

The Ultimate Christmas Wish List

We love this time of year, but also understand how the holiday season can be stressful. Gathering gifts, sending cards, planning, remembering and traveling…even just trying to get enough sleep during the ongoing chaos! Rough.

It’s especially difficult to shop for those people who already have everything. You know, the same individuals who always seem to get you something bigger and better each year? Yeah, them…

Well, if you’re still struggling to find the right gifts for your friends or family, don’t let the task suck the fun and cheer out of this giving season.  Just… don’t.

We’ve come up with a “SURE TO PLEASE” holiday shopping list, full of ideas for any vehicle owner in your life; it features a select few items they’re guaranteed to use and enjoy!

If he or she works on cars, owns a hobby car, or just considers themself a car fanatic, then you’ve hit the jackpot with this one. Get alllllll of these under the tree immediately:


Does your special someone have a gas-powered, high-mileage vehicle? 

They will need our Berryman B-60 high mileage fuel system rejuvenator to thoroughly clean the entire fuel system, including those exceeding 60,000 miles. 

Powerful detergents and H.E.S.T. solvents will give fuel injectors, intake valves, carburetors, and combustion chambers a one-tank clean-up. 

Our B-60 rejuvenator dissolves fuel residue and carbon deposits to restore lost power, reduce rough idle and hesitation, restore octane requirements, and improve overall drivability. 

They’ll gladly see benefits after use, as it improves fuel economy, disperses moisture, and stabilizes gasoline, too! 

Go ahead, buy yourself a bottle, too. We won’t tell.



No one likes a leaky tire! Offer tire protection for their winter rides by gifting our Berryman Seal-R Tire Sealing Compound!

Instantly, this magic formula seals leaks and protects from small, sharp objects, like nails or thorns. 

By permanently staying liquid and using innovative fiber technology to plug leaks and prevent loss of air pressure, this should be in EVERYONE’S stocking this year! All of the good boys and girls shouldn’t have to worry about having a leaky tire, ever again… that’s our Christmas wish to all of you. 



Here and there, every car needs its fuel system cleaned! So get excited about wrapping up this top-rated, 5-star cleaner.

The Berryman B-12 Chemtool Carburetor, Fuel System, and Injector Cleaner quickly disperses moisture and dissolves gum, varnish, and other fuel residues from the entire fuel system, fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel injectors, valves, rings, and pistons with H.E.S.T

Might as well get a few of these, since regular use ensures higher compression, fewer repairs, lower operating costs, and increased spark plug and injector life. 

Basically, you’re out-doing Santa if you get this for your loved ones. We mean it. You’ll get more praises than Jolly Ol’ Red!



Last, but not least…this one is a gift for the diesel-powered drivers that you know and love.

Our Berryman All Season Diesel Fuel Treatment lowers diesel pour point and reduces fuel filter plugging dramatically for maximum cold-weather operability. 

It contains powerful detergents to thoroughly clean-up both conventional and sticky, modern internal diesel injector (“IDI”) deposits and provides lubricity vital to optimize fuel pump and injector performance.

And with regular use, it maximizes fuel economy. 

This will have them talking about your holiday offering for months (or years?) to come!


So there you have it. Useful products they’re bound to love. A wish list that will make ‘em smile from ear to ear!

Check out our distributors to see where you can grab these last-minute items near you. Happy Shopping!

— Merry Christmas, happy holidays and season’s greetings from all of us at Berryman.

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