Can You Seal A Leaking Tire?

Can You Seal A Leaking Tire?

After plenty of travel, your tires can be unpredictable. And it’s always incredibly frustrating to hear the slow release of air from under your vehicle.

But no matter what type of tires you have, a leak is inevitable at some point.

Whether your leak is caused by a metal screw or a chunk of glass, it will need immediate attention. Even a tiny, slow leak can cause big problems down the road. So, it’s best to tackle the issue as soon as possible!

However, taking your rig into the shop can take a big hit on your bank account… We’ve all been there. That’s when these questions pops up: 

Can a mechanic fix my tire leak without having to entirely replace it? Do sealants work?

Tire companies and mechanics customarily tell us that sealants do not work and that replacing or plugging a tire is necessary. However, this is hardly the case! 

There is a sealant out there that can fix leaking tires — without causing more problems in the future.

And while some companies might despise inexpensive alternatives, select solutions can save you lots of cha ching! $$

Fixing a Leaky Tire

Don’t get us wrong, there are products out there that claim to work miracles and do not function as they claim to.

Fortunately, however, Berryman® Tire Seal-R continuously proves to live up to customers’ expectations — and more! This compound works to instantly seal off leaks with an innovative fiber technology formula that maintains its liquid state, keeping the tire from losing air pressure.

That’s why customers like Thad are giving testimonials like this:

“I bought a gallon from a farm store and pumped it in the tire. As I was airing the tire up, I could hear the leak, and then it stopped. Just like that! It’s been a week…and it’s holding pressure just fine. Thanks for a great product!”

Along with preventing you from unnecessary tire purchases and overpriced maintenance services, our tire-sealant will even help lengthen your tire’s life! Applying part #1332 protects your tires from thorns, nails, and other sharp objects.

Yes, an investment that actually saves you money and time. It’s almost too good to believe.

But wait, there’s more! It also fixes porosity leaks in wheels.

What’s a Porosity Leak?

Porosity leaks are pores or holes in the metal casting of the alloy wheels, often created by gases during production. They can also come about after wheels are damaged, worn and/or corroded.

These microscopic holes will slowly leak air from your tires — even if your tire is completely fine! Yikes.

Porosity Leaks Example

Since the development of magnesium and aluminum alloy wheels, porosity leaks are becoming more and more common.

Driving tip: Having a set of dedicated winter wheels and tires can substantially prolong the life of your summer setup by limiting their exposure to salt, moisture and temperature extremes.

The good news about porosity leaks: You likely don’t have to replace the entire wheel, thanks to Berryman® Tire Seal-R. Simply seal the pores to stop the air leaks!

Unlike other sealants and plugs, Tire Seal-R sealant is NOT A TEMPORARY seal!

Some products out there seal the tire but do not stop the loss of air pressure, only giving you a limited amount of time to get your car to a tire shop. However, our sealant is a permanent fix, so it completely eliminates the need to go to a tire shop.

Not only is this product great for fixing a flat tire in your garage, but it also works for tires on bicycles, tractors, motorcycles, and more! An excellent all-in-one flat tire solution that’ll have your wallet thanking you. 

Applications for Berryman® Seal-R® Tire Sealing Compound
Berryman® Seal-R® Tire Sealing Compound: Great for tractor tire ballasting.

As customer IM said,

“After replacing three riding lawn mower tires and patching another, I started looking for puncture options vs. buying new tires… I’ve been using it for over a year now in three different riding lawn mowers, for all four tires. No more flat tires!”

With its non-flammable, biodegradable, eco-friendly formula, it is safe to keep around the house and easy on the environment. 

Have more questions?! Check out these frequently asked questions & answers on our “The Only Tire Sealant You Should Be Using” blog page.

Let’s seal the deal!

With over 100 years of experience in the automotive industry, we’re committed to provide and produce products that meet the highest quality standards of performance and reliability.

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Our Tire Seal-R lives up to its promises. Instantly seal and protect your leaks today!


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