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Ask the Chemtooler


Steven B.

Berryman Products have been part of my automotive care and maintenance program since ’96. From additives and cleaners to sealants, Berryman Products are a must for any gear head and automotive enthusiast.


Randy T.

January in 30″ of snow, my car was barely idling. Five cans STP, nothing. One can of B-12, less than five minutes, Ferrari time baby!


Kirtland S.

This is an essential tool for all my engine needs. I keep a can around to keep the carbs clean on my tractor, lawn mowers and especially my ’68 Chevy Camero. This is an awesome product!


Larry H.

I have been in the automotive business for more than 35 years, and the products I’ve always used and recommended have had B-12 on the label.


Bill H. (ASE Master Tech, 35 yrs.)

For years I’ve used this excellent product in my shop. We use it on anything that needs an oil or grime cleaning. It is very fast and an inexpensive product. I highly recommend the Chem-Dip Parts Cleaner.

Berryman Products