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Matt M.

Having wasted my money on a couple different brands, of watered down part cleaners, I now stick with Berryman.


Berlin M.

Whether a sluggish engine or just in need of some TLC for my ’99 Camaro, I buy a can of B-12. At age 16 I bought my first can of B-12. Seven years later, that same car still runs like a champ! My husband and I both agree B-12 Chemtool H.E.S.T. technology is to thank!


Dennis H.

I was about to make a trip to Carlsbad Caverns and have returned from there now. Along the way in West Texas and New Mexico I stopped at several AutoZone stores and none were carrying the “Total” product. I did use 3 bottles of the B-12 in the tank and by the second tank my mileage had came from 8.16 up to 8.88 mpg which I consider a lot since it included climbing through the mountains up to 7000 feet in New Mexico. I believe I told you that I am testing this on a ’92 model 30 foot motor home, with 454 Chevy power train. I am about to make another trip on different roads into Louisiana and I will try the Total. I am looking forward to hitting the 9 mpg mark.


Captain Cal P.

First off let me say I was very impressed in the performance improvement in my ’76 Thunder Bird (460 CI engine). I bought it new, presently 72,000 miles. Since the B-12 Chemtool, it runs better than it did new. Being a retired airline pilot, 31 years with US Air, I’m very concerned about perfectly functioning fuel systems and engines. The performance change was great as he said it would be. Now it performs like a DC-9 (my favorite airplane).


Paul S.

I have a 1986 Merkur XR4Ti with a 2.3 turbo motor and 117,000 miles on it. The car ran good, except for a hot start problem I had. The injectors would leak fuel and flood the motor, making it almost impossible to start until it cooled down. I tried many fuel system cleaners with no improvement. I tried one can of your injector cleaner, and after one tank of fuel there was a great improvement. I poured one more can in and went on a 300 mile trip. The car ran perfect, quicker and smoother than ever, 22 mpg, and my hot start problem is gone! I was ready to change the injectors, now I don’t need to. I still can’t believe it. Thank you for this excellent product!

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