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Frederick L.

I drive a 1988 Mazda B2200 with 135,000 miles on it daily. During the last 6 months, I have been having a problem with stalling, low rpm’s, bogging down under acceleration, and dropped from 22 mpg to 19-20 mpg. I replaced the plugs and retuned the engine…no luck. I used everything from trans fluid, kerosene, to STP gas treatment, no luck. I even replaced all the filters (air, fuel, PVC valve) still poor performance. On a whim I tried your B-12 Chemtool. After half a tank, I noticed a big difference. After driving until the tank was almost empty, I refueled and added another can, but noticed that my mileage rose to 23.9 mpg! Wish I had noticed your product earlier! I just want you to know I will be recommending this to all my friends.


Daniel O.

I have owned a 1992 Honda Accord Ex for over a year. As of yesterday, the car has 160,000 miles accumulated. Ever since I bought it, I’ve put around 26,000 miles on it. The day I bought the car, I noticed a slight sluggishness at idle and at cruising speed (around 2300 rpm). I figured it was bad gas, but it never went away. In the year I’ve owned it, I’ve replaced the spark plugs, plug wires; air and fuel filter each time expecting the problem to go away. I started thinking the computer was malfunctioning, so I visited my repair shop. Once again, nothing was found wrong. I was looking through a magazine and found your ad about the Styrofoam cup, so I decided to try you out. I purchased a can of B-12 Total Fuel System Cleaner, found a Styrofoam cup, and put a drop in. The bottom literally dropped out. I found another cup and tested Red Line SI-1 and waited. Nothing happened! It’s been two days and my car hasn’t hesitated yet. In fact, the car starts and drives better than ever. Last week, I recorded 23.23mpg. I’ll let you know about my gas mileage soon.


Ronald H.

You’ve sold me! I have a 1976 Yamaha motorcycle which looks like it just came off the showroom floor. Fourteen years ago my first child was born and a motorcycle was not a priority anymore, so it was tucked away in my garage. My youngest of four is now eight and the kids have been bothering me to go for a ride. I guess I didn’t get all the gas out because the carbs were completely gummed up. I tried the competition and that just didn’t cut it. I remembered seeing an ad of yours with the Styrofoam cup and decided to give it a try, WOW! It cut the gum and varnish like nothing I’d ever used before. With a new set of gaskets it runs just like it did almost 25 years ago. Again, your product is #1 in my book.


William G.

Thank you for a great product. As first I was skeptical of buying a product that in just one bottle can drop the emissions. I own a ‘86 Suzuki Samurai and it failed the emissions. I bought this car just to tow behind my motor home and did not want to put a lot of money into it. Upon failing the emissions the local garage told me for about $200.00 dollars they would be able to get my truck back on the road. This I thought would be my last option. I checked the spark plugs and all other tune up items and all seemed OK. At the store I found your item and figured for $5.99 I will give this a try. One tank of gas later, here are my results:

Hydrocarbons 1.74 1.29
Carbon Monoxide 18.39 10.37
Oxides of Nitrogen 4.85 2.27


I use the fuel treatment in everything I own. It actually made my ATV run better. I’m going to try to use it to “bottle feed” my newly acquired motorcycle that will not run due to gummed up carbs. Let’s put this stuff to the ultimate test! I can’t find your products in many stores near me and I’m forced to drive and buy a few bottles at a time. Thanks for developing a great product!

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