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James W.

I have used Chemtool products for years, and while there are several Chemtool alternatives they are all poor substitutes from the real thing. I have also used the Fuel System Cleaner with the Fuel Additive with great success on my ’83 Suburban and ’95 Camry.

2630 2

Terry K.

I used the System Cleaner in my parents 2000 Impala, with 140,000 on it, and there was a marked improvement almost right away!


Pratt W.

Like my grandpa always said, “If you had used a can of Berryman, you wouldn’t be paying the repair man.”


Brian B.

I have 50K miles on my ’07 Honda Accord, so I grabbed the gas treatment last week. I can already tell there’s a little more giddy-up in its step. Thanks!


Richard M.

My ’99 Acura TL with 200,000 miles began idling roughly. With one bottle of B-12, the idle smoothed out and the car ran noticeably smoother.

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