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Summer Car Care: A Checklist

The summer heat has officially arrived, and unfortunately—even though it is boiling hot—your car still needs care during the summer months. 

Because of the harsh weather conditions, this season is among the most critical times of the year to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Hot temperatures can cause many issues for your car if you are not prepared. 

Let’s look at some common car problems during the summer, as well as what you can do to combat them.

Summer Car Care Checklist

✔️ Check your Oil Level

Oil is essential to keep your engine lubricated and working correctly. An engine without oil will burn out…and that’s one costly mishap!
To ensure this does not happen, keep up with your car’s oil change schedule.With summer being the time for lengthy road trips, we must continuously check levels and regularly err on the side of caution.

Likewise, when there is oil deposit buildup in our engine, your car can’t perform optimally. If it’s been a while since your last “routine oil change”, here are a few symptoms of oil deposits to look out for. Prolong the life of your oil, and ultimately, your engine!

✔️ Check your Fluid Levels

Oil is not the only vital level to check before driving your car in these warm months…
As the beating sun is known to evaporate liquids, it is also essential to check other fluid levels, such as:
∙ your windshield wiper fluid
∙ coolant
∙ transmission fluid
∙ brake fluid
∙ and power-steering fluid.

Another tip to remember is that gas evaporates faster in heat. If possible, try to park your car in a garage, or in the shade, to prevent your gas from evaporating quicker!

✔️ Check your Car Battery

As you can imagine, heat and car batteries do not mix. During these rough few months, we recommend getting your car’s battery tested here and there, to see if it needs replacing.
It’s always good to carry jumper cables and/or a battery jump box, so you’re ever stranded with a “dead” vehicle, you’ve got options. Better safe than sorry, especially on long road trips.

✔️ Get your Brakes Checked

Do your brakes squeak, or seem spongy? This means it is time to get ’em checked!
Making sure your brakes / brake fluid are regularly maintained will help prevent potential issues.

✔️ Check your Tires

Always look after your tread and tire pressure levels to see that they are optimal during the seasons.
Each of your tires should not only have plenty of tread left, but they should also be in good condition. This means no cracks, nails, rocks, or uneven wear!

Hot pavement + poor tire tread = a recipe for disaster. Help prevent these hazardous situations with use of our Berryman® Seal-R Tire Sealer — it instantly seals leaks and protects pneumatic tires and tubes from small nails, thorns, and other sharp objects. Our one-of-a-kind Tire Seal-R stays liquid permanently and uses innovative fiber technology to plug leaks and prevent loss of air pressure. Advanced corrosion inhibitors protect all types of wheels, including:
∙ steel
∙ chrome
∙ and alloy

It also seals porosity leaks in magnesium and aluminum composition wheels! Get your tires/wheels ready for the fun drives ahead.

✔️ Clean your Fuel Tank

Fuel tanks can build up dirt and grime over time, decreasing your car’s gas mileage and efficiency.
To combat this, we recommend doing a total fuel system clean-up every season with our
Berryman® B-12 Chemtool® Total Fuel System Clean-Up. Formulated for vehicles that have not had regular fuel system maintenance, this pour-in additive uses H.E.S.T. and powerful detergents to maximize one-tank clean-up of intake valves, fuel injectors, carburetors, and combustion chamber. Part #2616 dissolves gum, varnish, and carbon deposits in the entire fuel system to help restore lost power and peak performance, which improves starting, drivability, gas mileage, and injector life. 

Keep your vehicle running all summer long with us!

Have more questions?

Here are some common FAQs this time of year, from our Solutions Center.

  1. Q: I was wondering how much Tire Sealant is needed based on the size of the Tire.

A: The standard formula for ounces per tire is: width of tire (in inches) x height of tire (in inches) x 0.04. If your tires are 10.5” wide and 31” high, then you would need about 13 oz per tire. The formula assumes a moderate speed to distribute the sealant thoroughly. If this is a slow-speed application, then you may need to double the quantity.

  1. Q: When using the B-12 Chemtool total combustion kit, is there a process for waiting after it’s been run through? Should I let the car sit for an hour and then restart it, or is it good to go immediately?

A: Good news, there is no need to wait. You should start and drive it right after using the kit.

  1. Q: When do I have to clean fuel injectors?

A: Fuel injectors generally respond very well to quality fuel additives, but you still need a “deep clean” occasionally. Use our Berryman® B-12 Chemtool® Total Fuel System Clean-Up about once a season for cleaner intake valves and combustion chambers.

Still cannot find your answer? Hop on over and ask us. Our solutions team will be happy to help! 

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